Wednesday, April 29, 2009

June 2, 2007

You can tell the kids thought the photographer was funny
Friends and Family

My mom and I

We have sooooo many wedding pictures, it's late and I'm tired so I'll have to post some more another day. I think craig ended up taking about 1700 pictures!
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BBQ Dinner the night before the wedding

My aunt and uncle, Dana & Terilyn let us use their backyard

Andy did such a good job picking out the flowers.

Yum, I love tri-tip

Andy's wedding gift
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Getting our nails done at Pearl Nails the day before the wedding.

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Andy was teasing me telling me I looked like I worked for UPS. It was pretty funny when the UPS guy pulled up shortly after, so I had to get a picture with him and find out if he would hire me.

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Grandpa's Shoes

I was at my Grandparents house tonight, and my cousin Sami noticed my grandpa was wearing two different shoes.  Sami told grandpa and he looked down at his shoes and said, "no this is my pair of shoes", Sami told him again that they were different.  My grandpa responded with "I know my shoes, these are my favorite pair, I've had them for twenty years and I've been wearing them the past three days".  Sami again said, "no grandpa they're different".  So grandpa proceeded to take off his brown leather shoes and sure enough the inside of one of them said ecco and the other one said Allen Edmunds.  Pretty funny, he was sure that he had the same shoes on and took quite a bit of convincing to realize he didn't.  

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

okay I need input here, am I posting too many pictures and not enough writing?

Bridal Shower at Cheryl Smiths in Saratoga

Andrea, Linda and I
Mom, Danielle, and Terilyn
Terilyn and Cheryl Smith
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Julie Hulme and I
Amelia's gift to me, yep there's nothing in the box.
Amelia and Granny
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Ada Bench and my cute grandma
My Gift from Tiana, I love the colors!
My cousin Janna, Sister Hamilton, and Vicky Clark
Kara Hodgman and Lexy
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Bridal Pictures

Anita Schiller took my Bridal pictures for me up at the Call's house in Saratoga
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wedding planning, graduation, back surgery...

This is so much fun looking back at pictures and reminiscing. (I wish I had the day off of work today so I could get caught up to what is happening in our lives today.) In December of 2006 I started planning my wedding during my last semester at the U. I was living in a place up near the capitol building but rarely there due to traveling back and forth to California. Andy's back went out on him and he ended up having back surgery about 6 weeks before the wedding. In May I graduated from the University of Utah, had 3 bridal showers, said goodbye to the kids I was nannying for, moved to California, got married in June and then started my internship in recreation therapy at the Veterans Hospital in Menlo Park, CA.

Saying Goodbye to the Cessna's


Andy Cessna, James, Matthew, Hannah and I
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Graduation from the University of Utah May 2008

Anna and I
Andy and I
Thanks for my graduation present Babe!
Graduation dinner at the Little America
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My TR classmates
Sandy Negley and I
My Family
I love this group of people
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