Monday, April 25, 2011

April 2011

This week my nana and pa came to town, they took me to my first baseball game.  And they watched me while my mom went to work.  They even took me for a walk downtown and bought me a cute spring outfit!  I got to stay with my babysitter, Brooke, one night when my parents went out with them to a Rod Stewart concert.

My hair is growing pretty fast so my mom thought she would give me a trim.  She told me it was pretty difficult to cut...almost like trying to cut the hairs of a little bobble head without poking its eyes out.

My haircut is not exactly even, but my mom thinks it looks better than it did.  I think next time she tries to cut my hair she will do it when I am sleeping or when I'm laying down relaxed in the bathtub.                                                                                              

I love my bunny slippers!

My mom thinks I'm adorable in my nightgown (she sure took enough pictures of me in it).  Happy Easter!

Another day at the beach with our friends, oh how I love the beach! Next time I go my mom plans on putting my toes in the water, I'm not too excited about that, I hear the water is cold in Santa Cruz!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Adalyn's Blessing Day

We blessed Adalyn when she was just over a month old on Sunday January 2nd.  Here are a few pictures that we took of our sweet little angel.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mommy & Me Swim Class

 A few highlights from our week...
Mom put olive oil on my scalp to get rid of craddle cap while I played with my toys. She thinks it's fun to spike my hair.
Spending the morning at the beach with friends, the last day in March and it was 80 degrees.  We plan to spend many more days at the beach this summer, in the shade of course!

 These pictures are from my first swim class.  Mom couldn't resist taking a million pictures of me and my chunky legs. When my dad tells my mom that I'm starving and not getting enough to eat she just reminds him to look at the meat on my bones.  Do I look like I'm deprived of food?

This past week I made a new feet!
 These are my friends Elena and Olivia, we met them through our mommy & me yoga class.  They are just a few weeks younger than me.

 I wasn't quite sure what to think of this huge body of water, my mom thought that I would enjoy it because of how much I enjoy taking baths, but she was wrong.  It was nice that it was indoors and that the water was really warm.
 I was a little skeptical about being on my back with nothing underneath me. The teacher was a big scary guy who took me from my mom and put me under the water, going under wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.

 And if you haven't seen enough pictures of me... here I am eating my rice cereal.
I love my mom and she loves me, we had so much fun playing and laughing together today.

Monday, April 4, 2011

God Grew Tired Of Us

"Winner of both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, GOD GREW TIRED OF US explores the indomitable spirit of three “Lost Boys” from the Sudan who leave their homeland, triumph over seemingly insurmountable adversities and move to America, where they build active and fulfilling new lives but remain deeply committed to helping the friends and family they have left behind.  Orphaned by a tumultuous civil war and traveling barefoot across the sub-Saharan desert, John Bul Dau, Daniel Abol Pach and Panther Blor were among the 25,000 “Lost Boys” (ages 3 to 13) who fled villages, formed surrogate families and sought refuge from famine, disease, wild animals and attacks from rebel soldiers. Named by a journalist after Peter Pan’s posse of orphans who protected and provided for each other, the “Lost Boys” traveled together for five years and against all odds crossed into the UN’s refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya. A journey’s end for some, it was only the beginning for John, Daniel and Panther, who along with 3800 other young survivors, were selected to re-settle in the United States."

I watched this movie this week and it made me think of this family of refugees that I volunteered for during college.  It makes me sad that I don't remember their names or even where they were from (Somalia/Kenya?), at the time (2005) they were very new to the United States and didn't speak any English.  I picked them up once a week and took them to the grocery store.