Thursday, January 5, 2012

13 Months!

Where has the time gone. My baby is already 13 months old.  We have had a great year together.  When Adalyn was a few months old a few people told me that every stage just got better and better, it was hard to see that then because I absolutely loved the stage she was at then.  I now see where they were coming from, it is so much fun to watch babies learn and grow. I have loved enjoying her in her different stages and am currently enjoying listening to her laugh, babble,  climb stairs, watching her eat, play, understand and listen...

Our trip to Alaska in the beginning of August 2011. Adalyn was 8 months old.

My little lady bug (11 months old)

Fun times at the pumpkin patch

 So precious!

Out of order, here's more of us in Alaska.  Dad's highlight of the trip was catching a fish with Addie on his back.  It made mom a bit nervous.  Thank goodness for the metal bars on the backpack carrier that saved her legs when Dad fell on his bum.

Pictures with the Grinch became too difficult to capture after 9 months.

We enjoyed a few camping trips this summer.  Our favorite spot was Henry Cowell Redwoods, just 30 minutes away from home with a Safeway and one of our favorite ice cream shops nearby.

She continues to be attached to her bear, JP (Named after the logo JP Morgan on his shirt.  I admit I gave Dad a hard time when he brought this bear home from a work conference, "why do we need another stuffed animal in the house?" I have taken my words back and think it is adorable how much she loves JP.

Learning to use a sippy cup while camping

Fun times with her friend Gracelyn

Mom loves Addie's kisses, even with a bit of slobber

Andy's sister Ali got married in Utah in September.  :( No picture of the bride for you but of course one of Addie (10 months).  She was a good girl at the wedding. Spent most of her time sitting on a blanket on the grass playing with a book or keys.

Hanging out with cousins

Family has been entertained watching her enjoy her bananas. Circleville in September with the Karren Family  and Peterson Grandparents

I love the mountains in Circleville (small town in southern Utah where my grandfather grew up and owns the house he grew up in and now a cabin next door.  Population of about 300.  One of my favorite things to do in Circleville is to take a tour of the town cemetery with my grandpa, he knows everyone there! I also enjoy riding four wheelers, being out in the open land and air, and going down to the barn to visit all the milk cows.

A day trip into Bryce Canyon

More camping

Halloween with her buddy Gracelyn

Story time at the library

Adalyn's first birthday party with grandpa and great grandpa

Her favorite gifts were her clothes.  She opened them and hugged them and put them around the back of her neck. The box to her shopping cart was also a huge hit, she enjoyed climbing up it and sliding down it.

Thanksgiving Day in Centerville Utah with the Armstrong's.

The day after Thanksgiving, November 25th.  Her first birthday.

Carmel in December

Not a huge fan of Santa although she did take the grape from him.  She loves grapes! I would be in trouble if I let her eat all the grapes and blueberries that she wanted to.

We had a wonderful Christmas this year that felt like Adalyn's first Christmas, since she was just 1 month old last year.  We spent Christmas Eve Eve at my grandma's with aunts and uncles and cousins.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spend at my parents house with my siblings and their spouses. We ate, played games, opened presents, read the Christmas story, and just relaxed together.  My favorite part was that despite all the fun Adalyn still got her naps.

In counting my many blessings I am thankful for a happy healthy little girl.  She is a wonderful little sleeper and eater.  This has made for a happy mom and little girl all year.

The first week of December was a huge step for mom.  I left my baby girl for 8 days straight.  I was a little nervous about how I would do being away from her for so long.  After all I miss her after I have been away for ten hours and return home from work. (I have continued working part time, 2 days one week and 3 days the next. Which is working out great.) But to my surprise I did great.  And she did great.  Although I wasn't worried about her, I knew she would be in good hands and I was pretty confident that she would be a great girl.  Andy's Dad flew out from Utah and watched her for us while Andy worked. I think they all enjoyed their time together... They went for long walks and Adalyn had 100% of grandpa's attention. Life couldn't get better for her. She now has grandpa wrapped around her finger. A few days before Christmas I got a call from him saying to look out for a package coming from UPS, he said that when 

Back to Adalyn... Her middle name fits her perfectly, she is such a JOY.  We have had friends babysit her that have described her as sweet, precious, and delightful.  And I'd have to agree, though that's not to say that she doesn't have her not so sweet moments too.

I'm so happy to be this little girls mom!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

6 month stats and more...

(this post was for May 25th)

My little love bug is 6 months old! A little bit about what we've been up to.

Here are her stats:
Weight 16 lbs. 11 oz (71%) Height: 26 inches (67%)

Adalyn enjoys spending her time time rolling around on the floor.  She gets upset pushing herself backwards on the hardwood floors,  she doesn't go backwards on purpose and usually ends up stuck in a corner or against a wall...etc.

My favorite thing to do with Adalyn is take her to the beach.  I love to watch her experience the sand, putting her toes in the water, and feeling the breeze blow through her hair.   I love days at the beach, if all goes as planned she naps on the car ride up and continues napping for the first little while at the beach, wakes up to eat and play and then she naps on the way home AND when we get home.  That afternoon nap is almost always a 3 hour nap which I love because it gives me time to unpack, shower and take a nap as well.  Oh and one of the best parts is I get to have girl time with friends while the kids are entertained.

Ethan and Adalyn

Adalyn loves food, overall she's a good eater.  At first it was easy to see that pears, prunes and apples were her favorites... carrots not so much.  But she eats all her fruits, veggies and meats like a good little girl.

her first ride in a shopping cart

I have enjoyed making some of her baby food, and even don't mind licking her spoon clean.  Andy thinks that's gross, but I think it tastes quite delicious, after all it's just fresh pureed fruits and veggies.

So happy to be getting pedicures during the babies naps

Toothbrush thief

Dad's little north face girl getting ready for Alaska

trying out her new backpack, she squeals and kicks and seems to love being in it

I guess I took too long getting her dinner

I have been having fun reading about what toys are good for babies in their different developmental stages and I've continued to be a fan of amazon mom.  They make it so convenient by having your credit card number stored, offering free 2 day shipping on some baby items.  My new favorite toy is an elephant.  (Do I but the toys for her or me? :) )

..... what else.... Oh another favorite thing has been going into her room after she has fallen asleep to see how she ended up.  She always slept on her back until one night when she decided that that was not comfortable anymore.  And from that night on she's slept on her side or on her tummy.

She's developed a liking for a teddy bear which has been cute to watch.  One morning Andy picked her up out of her crib as she did a nose dive back down to her crib to make sure her teddy bear wasn't going to be left behind.

I love my little munchkin, some days I go in her room during nap time or during the night to watch her sleep or to give her a kiss because I miss her.  And if I'm not too tired (I am responsible for putting her back to sleep if I wake her up) I pick her up and hug her.

Her smiling face when she wakes up from her nap

She has always been one that you have to make work for her smiles, until recently she has started smiling on cue when you smile at her.  My dad says she gives him a  fake smile just to please him.

Just last week I put away her 6 months clothes and pulled out her 12 month clothes, mainly because we only have a few 9 month items, but the 12 month seem to work just fine.

Adalyn and I went down to Santa Barbara to visit Dad (he was down there working) in May.  We had fun but came back early because what's the use of paying for a hotel on a holiday weekend when you already live in a gorgeous area... and you're work is with you no matter what. :)  While we were there we found these pretty gerbera daisies at the farmers market for $1.  So this is what I used them for.... to let Adalyn pull them apart and have fun with them...

he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not...

Uncle Garrett came to visit

Stayin clean in the wagon

The Olsen's playing in the dirt
We went to the park and had a BBQ with our friends.  It was so nice to have Adalyn just hanging out in the wagon. I am enjoying the stage she is in where she doesn't have to be crawling around in the dirt.  I am going to enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

Gracie and Addie

Learning to use a sippy cup
The monthly growing pictures with the Grinch have been hard to capture because she no longer lays still on her back, she's either trying to roll or bringing her feet up to her mouth.

In May I celebrated my first Mother's Day with Adalyn here, last year she was still cookin in my belly.  Andy ended up having to leave town so we celebrated the day before by having breakfast together and just spending the day together.  Adalyn even surprised me with a heart ring.