Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getaway Weekend

I had taken a few days off of work in the beginning of July so Andy and I could go camping with our friends Nate and Diana at a place called the Bliss in Tahoe. We were really looking forward to our trip with them...but then Andy's plate got overloaded and we were unable to go. He had a scout day camp, was studying for a part of the CPA exam, and got called to teach seminary... who wants to tell work that you can come in when you have already requested the days off??? not me! So at church on Sunday Kelly Dickson mentioned that she was going up to her in laws cabin near Pine Crest Lake. This was about the 3rd time she had invited me to go, but I have never been able to because of work. So we were both so excited that it was actually a perfect time for me, and that I would be able to go. Here are some pictures from the girls weekend getaway (with kids).

Kelley and I Kayaking

The great big family room, plenty of room for all.

Dinner time, Stephanie Taylor and Moana Butler and their girls were also there.

Huge dandelion that the kids found.

Fun times, walking down through the creek and enjoying a nice sandy spot.

A cabin that overlooks the creek and owns the sandy bank.

Rocks....I love rocks and the small simple beautiful, amazing things in life. I could spend hours picking up small pebbles and looking at all the neat shapes and colors.

Ellie and Leah Taylor

The Butler Girls

The couch shaped rock
So gorgeous...(Andy maybe you should look into a cabin here before you get your mind set on Alaska)

July 8th-July 11th
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Giants vs. A's game

I think Andy and I had just gotten our iphones so I was having fun taking pictures with it. This was a fun summer night when we went to Oakland for a baseball game. I feel so blessed to be living in the bay area. Warm days and cool nights, the ocean, mountains, entertainment all around... I love it here and I love standing up and shouting out the song "take me out to the ball game" during summer baseball games.
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Armstrong Family Reunion in Island Park, Idaho

In the end of June Andy and I headed to Island Park Idaho for the Armstrong Family Reunion. Here are some of the memories...

Jonah seemed to have such a fun time making friends with this horse.

Andy on his horse.

Scooter and I

Big Springs

Doug and Aunt Helen

Ali and the boys hanging out at the Pines

Lauren and her watermelon pops. Doesn't she look cute. It's so funny to hear her say, "I'm a hippie girl". She has such a great vocabulary for a little one. "Daddy I wanna wear my bandana".

Andy teaching Jonah how to skip rocks

Melissa & Lauren.

Josh & Lauren with her new paddington bear that Aunt Sue made for her.

Andy, Jody, Jonah and I went into Yellowstone one day. Andy loves going into the Park, he can spend hours driving around looking for wildlife. Andy where are the pictures of me sitting in front of the buffalo?
And before leaving Salt Lake I had to stop by temple square one last time to see Sister Benaroch/Nobre before her mission ended on July 19th.
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