Monday, April 5, 2010

Stanford Football Season 2009

My Dad has a sign company and does all the signs for Stanford athletics, we love it because we get the benefit of having field passes to go to the games.
Amelia, Marissa, Tiana, and our Dad, Glenn

My Mother-in-law, Jody
Toby Gerhart. We had a great time watching him play, he had a great season!
Hailey in her cheerleading outfit.

Cupertino Bunny Fun Run

I've never enjoyed hurt my knees and gave me plantar fasciitus. Within the last year I went to the doctor after getting plantar fasciitus multiple times. It usually came as a result of bikram yoga or running and I was tired of having this terrible pain on the bottom of my foot that would last for a couple weeks at a time. (And I was pretty lucky because for some people it lasts months or even years). It's a difficult thing to take car of when you have a job where you are on your feet all day. My insurance took care of me and I was able to get custom made insoles. They have been great! In February I ran the Campbell Valentines 10K and this past weekend I ran the Cupertino 5K. And my feet feel great. I'm not a fast runner, my goal is always just to run and not stop and so far that goal has been accomplished. My next goal is to run a half marathon. Above is a picture of a friend, Julia May, that I ran into after the race.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tahoe in October

In October Andy and I went to Tahoe for a week to Celebrate his 30th birthday. We had such a fun time relaxing, watching movies, playing bingo, riding our bikes, sleeping in, visiting with some of our friends, and just not having to worry about anything. It was fun to be there in the off season, we loved how quiet the town was and the weather was great!
This is me with Anthony Drexel Goldfarb, a Dr. Seuss taxidermy. He sells for about $2,000. We were in the art gallery with a sales lady for a good 30 minutes considering buying one of these...she about had Andy convinced that it would be a good investment. Anthony was my favorite, I thought he was pretty cute.

Our friends Nate and Diana Boice came down for a night. It was fun to see them and spend some time with them. This is Nate with "The Goo-Goo-Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast".

I absolutely love nature, I love to see the leaves in the fall!

Blue skies at the lake for one minute...

until the clouds came rolling in and the wind picked up way too much. This was Andy and Nate attempting to fly kites.
Spencer Garlic also came and stayed with us for a night. We decided to go on a bike ride after spending all day in the bike shop with Andy trying to make decisions about his new bike. When we got to the trail we weren't prepared to pay to park. After digging up every penny we could find in my car we were still short. We loaded up the envelope with all the change we had and then thanks to Andy or Spence they found some coins that had fallen out of other peoples envelopes that were buried in the dirt at the bottom of this pole. When we cleaned that out we dug through pine needles and tan bark until we even had a nickel to spare! We happily sealed our envelope and now Andy could relax with the idea that we wouldn't get a parking ticket. We had a fun time digging for those coins!

The Lake at the end of our ride.
Andy and his 30th birthday present. :)
This picture doesn't do it justice but the trail was absolutely gorgeous!
My honey.
Andy and I by the Lake after our bike ride. Thanks for taking our picture Spence!
I really don't like this picture, but I had to post it so I could remember what I spent hours and hours doing while in Tahoe. Spence bought me some modge podge so I was able to glue it together. Andy planned on saving it so we could hang it in our cabin in Alaska someday...but I have to say I didn't want to have another thing to store, so it's already been disposed of.
This was the beach where our hotel was. The hotel was kind of old but you could tell it was fancy for its day. It was a great centrally located place to stay, that we would definitely go back to.

October 2009

Will Black
Ellie Black, Bauer and Libby Olsen
Andy holding Jexx Olsen
Brooke Black with her Cinderella Pumpkin
oops, sorry it's sideways. Cheer with her baby Jexx.
Carving pumpkins with the Blacks and the Olsens.
Our pumpkins. We have a fun time carving pumpkins every year. I don't have the patience to follow a design and carve little details. I prefer to stab my pumpkin and have fun with however it turns out. I guess I created a pumpkin cell and Andy has a nice castle.
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