Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The weekend

This is kind of boring, I'm writing posts with no pictures.

Friday I went on a bike ride along the los gatos creek trail. I absolutely love the location of our apartment, it only takes a few minutes to ride to a trail entrance and it is so pretty. The weather was nice and sunny and I saw a cute 3 month old yellow lab puppy, and I also saw lots of baby geese that were pretty cute. After the bike ride I went and played in two softball games at twin creeks. I'm not very good at softball, but I love to play.

Saturday I worked and then after work I went to Andy's hockey game and then we went out to dinner with our friends jessica and mike murphy, to a little italian restaurant in downtown sunnyvale.

Sunday was Mother's Day and we had dinner with all the family at my aunt terilyn's house. Sunday night we got to go to the hospital and see our friend Brooke Black and her brand new baby, William. :) What a treat, seeing a baby straight from heaven.

Grandpa at the movies

Last weekend (Fri May 1st) we went to the movies with my grandparents, I'm journaling about it because if you know my grandpa it's not very likely that you'll get him to go out to a movie. He prefers to lay on his couch and watch his old western...john wayne movies. We took them to see the movie "Earth" and he said he liked it and had a good time! :) Now that is a success story right there. We checked out a head set for him so he could hear it better, but it turns out none of their darn headsets were working. Luckily he was able to hear it without the headset and we got 5 free movie passes because of it. :)